Cultural and Leisure Activities

Learning Spanish should not be limited to the classroom and we therefore offer a lot of cultural and leisure activities during your stay here.

Barcelona is a wonderful location to learn Spanish, a city of beautiful buildings, wonderful lifestyle, history, culture, excellent shopping and leisure facilities and kilometres of golden sandy beaches. Once a week a stroll in downtown Barcelona will familiarize you with some places of interest: the Gothic Quarter, Montjuic (where the Olympic stadium is), Gaudi’s Parc Guell, the Olympic port or ‘Las Ramblas’. These guided walks are free of charge. Students only pay if we take the metro, or if they wish to visit a museum or monument.

Cultural activities are of high priority and once a week we organise a Spanish film evening in the school. The films are shown in our large student room. These film evenings are free of charge. Chats or cultural lessons are also organised in the afternoons to discuss different aspects of Spanish culture, history, customs and gastronomy.

Dinner parties, tapas evenings with tutors and wine tastings provide an opportunity to put theory to practice and create an enjoyable and cheerful atmosphere. You just pay for your own drinks and food.

Barcelona’s own ample cultural supply enable us to program various events: concerts, cinema festivals, exhibitions or conferences which take place throughout the calendar year, and of which we inform students on a regular basis.

Our typical activities are:

  • Guided walks with tutors to places of interest within Barcelona
  • Spanish film evenings in the school
  • Cultural lessons
  • Welcome parties in the school
  • Evenings out with tutors
  • International evenings in the school


Students eating out

Estudiantes cenando

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia de Gaudí

Parque Güell

en el Parque Güell

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