The Levels

Students are required to take a placement test on the first day of the course to ensure correct grouping. You will be placed in one of the following groups. In some cases it may be necessary to sub-divide levels i.e. A-1/A-2, A-2/B-1, B-1/B-2, B-2/C-1 or C-1/C-2 and it is usually possible to adjust levels during the course.

All levels are offered from beginners to advanced. Our 6 levels follow the European Framework of Reference for Languages and the guidelines of Instituto Cervantes.

Level A-1: Beginners

For students with no previous knowledge of Spanish, this level provides an introduction to the basic structures of the language. Classes are given entirely in Spanish with listening, comprehension and oral expression being fundamental. The aim is to reach a level where you can communicate in everyday situations using basic vocabulary.

Level A-2: Elementary

For those with a basic knowledge of Spanish who wish to improve their oral and written communication skills. The course begins with a brief review and consolidation of the basic structures of the language. At this level past, present and future verb tenses are covered. Emphasis is placed on the practice of language in everyday situations such as shopping, eating out and asking for directions. Authentic material such as easy newspaper articles, comics, songs and simple literature is used. Conversational practice will increase your confidence to take part in simple discussions.

Level B-1 & B-2: Intermediate and Upper Intermediate

The learning of a language is closely associated with the culture, history, society and politics of the country concerned. For this reason we examine more complex texts, themes and teaching material in order to create an authentic picture of modern Spain (and to some extent Latin America). Humour, songs, lifestyles, culture, history, literature, film, sayings and idiomatic expressions aswell as students own suggestions form part of the program.
The development of conversational skills is of particular importance.You will learn to speak more confidently in a variety of situations. Level "B-1" is designed for students who can already hold a simple conversation. At this level we finish the study of basic grammar (structures already covered including future and past tenses) and we begin studying more difficult aspects such as the subjunctive tenses. At level "B-2" we revise and perfect use of previously studied tenses, study the subjunctive in more depth and work on conditional clauses.

Level C-1 & C-2: Advanced

The advanced level is aimed at students who are already fluent in Spanish and want to perfect their knowledge of the language. We extend your lexis through debate, study of the language’s subtleties and common expressions, and a deepening of grammatical understanding to correct defects which may still exist. Themes are diverse; Literature, Current Affairs or any suggestion you wish to make and that may be of interest to you. The objective of this course is to really perfect your spoken and written Spanish.

arco triunfo

leisure activities

grupos reducidos

small groups

all levels

from beginners to advanced

cenando co estudiantes

eating out

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